[OpenLayers-Dev] dev help request for CSUN geography prof

David Bianco me at davidbianco.net
Wed Dec 3 13:47:38 EST 2008

I have a colleague who teaches Geography at Cal State Northridge.   I am
brand spanking new to OpenLayers and don't have the time right now to take
this on myself.   Is there someone on this list who would be willing to help
out?   If so, let me know and I will connect the two of you to discuss more.



GIS Coordinator | US Army Corps of Engineers - Los Angeles


Hi David,

 I was talking to my husband about some work I am doing and how I need a
programmer to help out with some of it, but it is hard to find people that
work with online mapping applications.    I am working on a large wetland
mapping project and we are looking to do some data dissemination via the web
using Open Layers.  Perhaps you can answer a few quick questions:

There are two specific customized tasks that we would like to integrate.

1. To allow users to download polygon shapefiles for either a USGS quad or
for a selected area (probably using Geoserver).  Can we do this?

2. To enable a tool that performs a type of "identify all" or drill-down
identify that grabs attribute information from all vector layers at a
location that is clicked and produces a pop-up window with links.

Would you be interested in helping us with this? If so, can you send a
general quote for an hourly rate or total project price for this type of
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