[OpenLayers-Dev] Fwd: IE cluster/protocol error - 'status' is null or not an object

Ivan Grcic ivan.grcic at geofoto.hr
Thu Dec 4 05:01:44 EST 2008


aaargh another IE(7) issue :(  It occurs on IE when youre using
cluster strategy.

Its easily reproducible:
1) open http://openlayers.org/dev/examples/strategy-cluster.html ->
everything shows up ok
2) hit refresh ur enter the page again (hit enter on url address) -
cluster dont appear and attached error shows up ;(
3) you can reload page again and again and again.....move/zoom map
hoping the features will load...... but nothing happens until you dont
clear ur IE cache and load page again!

I dont know if its a problem about protocol or cluster....

Please do you know how can this be quickly solved?

Thank you!

Ivan Grcic
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