[OpenLayers-Dev] Constructor and functions of the same class

Vidal, Antoni antoni.vidal at icc.cat
Thu Dec 4 07:47:51 EST 2008



I added the fllowing lines into the initialize function of the EditingToolbar class:


Controls[1] = new OpenLayers.Control.Measure(OpenLayers.Handler.Path, OpenLayers.Util.extend({displayClass: 'olControlDrawFeaturePath', title:_("Longitude")}, measureOptions));


layer.events.register("beforefeaturemodified", controls[1], function(e){this.mesurar(e.feature.geometry)});



and bellow the function:


          mesurar: function(g) {




When I execute it, it generates the error: "this.mesurar is not a function"


Why the constructor don't understand mesurar as a function of his class?


Thank's a lot


Antoni Vidal

Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya    Tel: +34-93 567 1500 Ext. 3228

Parc de Montjuïc                             Fax: +34-93 567 1567

08038 Barcelona                            http://www.icc.cat <http://www.icc.cat/> 



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