[OpenLayers-Dev] Time/altitude dimension in WMS/WFS

Marten Andersson Marten.Andersson at smhi.se
Fri Dec 5 03:37:59 EST 2008

I have some suggestions to the development of OpeLayers support of
time/altitude dimension in the WMS/WFS classes.

In ticket 1100 I added a simple support of handeling time dimension but
this is really just a basic functionality.

My thought is that it would be quite easy to harvest the time/altitude
dimension from WMS/WFS getCapabilities xml and then automatic generate
the times/heights needed for the control. I'm not sure what the status
is for the getCapabilities parser (#1176), maybe it's possible to use
this to extract the needed information from the getCapabilities
document. If you combined the getCapabilities parser and the time
navigation patch that "openlayers" added to ticket 1100 then you could
have a very usefull function..

What do you think of this?

We are now starting a project that maybe can develop this functionality
and it feels important that we know that the things we do is something
that the OL community wants.. :)


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