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Andreas Hocevar ahocevar at opengeo.org
Tue Dec 9 09:02:29 EST 2008

Hey Bart-

Eijnden, Bart van den (DID) wrote:
> 1) a response can have multiple typeNames, so now I've changed the output for attributes to have a multi-dimensional array i.e. attributes[layer][attribute].name. Is this okay with you guys since this changes your interface?

The problem I see with your change that the new structure does not know
the typeName. So you would either have to make attributes a hash keyed
by typeName, or stick with attributes as it was and add a typeName
property to each attribute.

I think the latter is easier to handle in most use cases, but I have no
strong preference.

> 2) for type should we remove the namespace or not? Now we can have xsd:string, xs:string and string e.g.

Since what we are parsing here is an XML Schema, we could in principle
also have complex types that are defined in the schema. So I would say
the type should be without namespace prefix, but there should be an
additional property called typeNS or something, containing the namespace
URI of the type.

> 3) should we not also parse minOcccurs and nillable attributes? A WFS client needs to know this in order to know if the element can be ommitted or not. But maybe this quite specific and only used by Ionic and we should leave this for a future version?

I think this is useful information and can be added without much effort.

> 4) I've removed using the version of the root node, since this is not the WFS version but the application schema's version, see:
> http://lists.opengeospatial.org/pipermail/wfs-dev/2008-December/000521.html

Good catch. GeoServer does not return a version at all, so the best
thing to do would be to set defaultVersion to "0.1" and rename the
versioned parser v1_0.js to v0_1.js.

> Btw, feel free to edit the bartvde/owsformats sandbox. I hope we can quickly put this into a patch for OL trunk

I'd say let's also hear Tim's opinion (and others can chime in as well
if they feel like), but from what I see making these final changes is an
effort of 1/2 hour for each of us if we share the work. I'd like to take
on the type namespace part.
> http://trac.openlayers.org/browser/sandbox/bartvde/owsformats

Thanks for your efforts!

Andreas Hocevar
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