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Thu Dec 11 03:38:28 EST 2008

Hi Didier,

I've put up our code in a sandbox. See the following changeset:


Would be great of you could have a look at it to see if there is overlap.
Also, feel free to edit the sandbox.

I'll try and add some examples and/or tests, but a slight problem is that
I don't know of any free OpenLS service. The service we use is not free.

Best regards,

Le Mercredi 10 Décembre 2008 11:49, bartvde at osgis.nl a écrit :
> Hi list,

Hi Bart,

> is there any interest in an OpenLS Format for OpenLayers?

Yes for our portal API!

> Have other people developed this as well? Or are we the only ones using
> this :-) ?

We have developped support for OLS and specially focused on Location Utility
Service. It still alpha but reads/writes OLS LUS (XLS compliant based on OLS
1.1 while 1.0 is also supported as an alias of 1.1).
An LUS Layer has also been developed, as well as a control for the Geocode
method (we will be working on the reverse geocode in early 2009).

> XLS Location Utility Service
> If there is any interest I can put up our code in a sandbox.

Why not knowning that there might be some refactoring as the development
relies on a class hierarchy different from OpenLayers (but with the same
"spirit") :

- Geoportal.Format.XLS : XLS read/write
- Geoportal.Layer.OLS : OLS LUS layer
- OLS : big hierarchy for handling OLS model.

If you are interested, contact me, I'll be pleased to send you this code and
interrested in feedbacks.

> Best regards,

All the best,


> Bart
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