[OpenLayers-Dev] altUrl in getFullRequestString function

Liz Godwin godwin.liz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 13:15:29 EST 2008

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you already read it.  Unless you know the answer :-)

Hi there,

I have noticed in getFullRequestString function in
OpenLayers\Layer\HTTPRequest.js that the altUrl parameter is supposed to
come out in OpenLayers 3.0.  Is that still the plan?  Bart van den Eijnden
made mention in the lists one year ago today, but I haven't found a more
recent mention of it.

I have a use of it. In my case I have a WMS layer, which has an alternative
cached version.  I would like to override the getURL method of
OpenLayers.Layer.WMS to pass an altUrl.  But if it's going away, I'll
approach it differently.


Liz Eidsness
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