[OpenLayers-Dev] framed Popup / IE problem

"Bernd Grünefeld" bernd.gruenefeld at gmx.de
Wed Feb 27 08:27:31 EST 2008

Hi all,
recently somebody (i think it was Erik) posted a link to a new popup class implementation. http://dev.openlayers.org/sandbox/camptocamp/FramedPopups/examples/framedPopups.html

Then i found FramedCloud.js and AmberCloud.js and some other Ol changes at the web and intergrate this stuff in my own OL build and everything looks fine - in Firefox. 
In IE 6 the popup (AmberCloud) could opened but it has a black frame in background. Firebug told me that xxx_FrameDecorationDiv_0 and xxx_FrameDecorationDiv_1 are black  painted :-(
is there a possiblity to control the style of the FrameDecorationDiv 
or is there another workaround?


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