[OpenLayers-Dev] settimeout and OpenLayers.Function.bind

Dejung Gewissler dejung.gewissler at oit.state.nj.us
Wed Feb 27 11:36:55 EST 2008

Doh! I thought I was binding this (DrawFeature control), but it was 
indeed the tool bar control instead. I am still new to the whole 
this/closure/scoping/binding business...


Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 05:15:21PM -0500, Dejung Gewissler wrote:
>> Ideally I would like the delayedCall method to be called 3 seconds after 
>> the doBuffer is called. However the error that I get is:
>>     func has no properties
>>     (no name)()
>>     return func.apply(object, newArgs);
>> Am I missing something here?
> What calls 'doBuffer'? Is the 'this' at that time a MyControl object?
> Seems like for some reason this.delayedCall is null at the time the
> Function.bind() is used...
> Regards,

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