[OpenLayers-Dev] OSGeo mentor for Erik Hazzard?

Tim Schaub tschaub at openplans.org
Fri May 16 13:20:27 EDT 2008


I look forward to catching up about this next week.

I'll happily mentor if that would be appropriate.


Erik Hazzard wrote:
> Hi Roald (and others),
> I've decided to implement OLON at least in some degree for my project.  
> While I don't want to shift the focus to enhancing or extending the 
> functionality of OLON itself, I will be tailoring it to suit my 
> project's needs.  From what I have gathered so far, OLON appears that it 
> will fit in perfectly with what I aim to do.  That being said though, I 
> am going to spend more time getting familiar with it and I plan to write 
> up a more detailed assessment of exactly in what capacity I plan to use 
> -Erik Hazzard
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