[OpenLayers-Dev] IOL.js: OpenLayers on an iphone (in a library)

whit whit at openplans.org
Mon Nov 3 11:57:51 EST 2008

hey all,

this is still baking, but I've done a little writeup on the little
integration library for mobile safari and OpenLayers that I've been
working on.


It's pretty inchoate and only covers basic navigation, but it's to the
point where someone could play around with it and get some utility
(see demo).

I'd love feedback, or if you are working on similar stuff and this
approach works for you, contributions.


 david "whit" morriss
 opengeo -- http://opengeo.org

 "If you don't know where you are,
  you don't know anything at all"

  Dr. Edgar Spencer, Ph.D., 1995

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