[OpenLayers-Dev] PSC Vote on Sponsorship Doc

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Tue Nov 11 08:32:15 EST 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 06:39:30PM -0600, Erik Uzureau wrote:
> The last thing I want to do in the world is to slow this process down any
> more than it has already been slowed, but I just gave this doc another full
> read over and I saw this:
>  Platinum sponsors may also have their logo placed directly on the
>     OpenLayers home page.
> ...which I don't think I'd seen before. Maybe I just didn't process it. Is
> everyone else aware of this?

I'm aware of it, and left it in explicitly. If someone is giving us the
equivilant of a part-time salary for someone, we can give them a bit
more credit. Looking at our pages, I would say that such a thing would
probably work out fine in the footer of the page -- in fact, in that
way, it could be there across the openlayers.org website, a somewhat
valuable position imho.

There is the question, of course, of what to do if we get so many
platinum sponsors that our homepage starts to look crowded by showing
their logos. To which I respond: "Ahahahaha. Right."

More seriously, I'd say we can easily fit 3-4 200px wide logos across
the bottom of the page, or along the right hand side of the page under
the Map near the OSGeo logo without seeming cluttered. If we really get
to that point and still feel like we need more differentiation, we'll
have *$100k* in the bank. I'm sure that we can find *some* way to design
the site to accomodate in that money :)

Christopher Schmidt

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