[OpenLayers-Dev] Reasoning behind Layer.HTTPRequest selectUrl() logic?

Nathan Gerber ngerber999 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 13:59:59 EST 2008

A member of my team and I are curious about why the selectUrl() function
within Layer.HTTPRequest is as it is? It seems like alot of unnecessary
overhead to pick a server to submit your requests to. It looks as though
alot of thought went into this but it just doesn't seem to make alot of
sense to either of us. It seems to parse through an entire parameter string
which should be identical for each tile aside from the bounding box. It also
seems that if I have an array of 3 servers and one of the servers fails when
I do the retry attempt it will go right back to the server that failed
instead of attempting to make use of another server within the array.

What I'm looking for is a sort of reasoning behind this? It just seems too
complex to be this way for no particular reason. That said unless changing
this will break something my team and I will be looking into rewriting the
function to make a little more sense by incrementing through the servers one
at a time rather than basing it on the bounding box.
Nathan Gerber
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