[OpenLayers-Dev] OSGeo Project Sponsorship

John R. Frank john.frank at metacarta.com
Sat Nov 15 16:02:30 EST 2008

>> In the case of going with the OSGeo Project Sponsorship program, the 
>> OSGeo acts as our fiscal agent.  As a 501(c)(3) (US tax code) 
>> organization, they can accept tax deductible contributions toward OSGeo 
>> projects.
> Their application is still pending acceptance.  So, it could be a few 
> months before they start giving out receipts for tax purposes.

The tax exempt status of the donation channel is probably crucial --- at 
least for US-based donors.  Other solutions can't really compete with 
OSGEO without that also having tax exempt status.  501c3 applications are 
not complicated but they take calendar time.

OTOH, until OSGEO gets approved to process donations to projects, they are 
an expensive savings account :-)

If a donor shows up *before* OSGEO can make the donor's donation tax 
exempt, we might as well just open a bank account at regular bank.

If we want to vote on something now, I think the somethingS are:

1)  PSC agrees that OL should find a tax exempt donation channel

2)  PSC hopes that OSGEO will soon be that channel

3)  PSC agrees to seek donations while #2 sorts itself out

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