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Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Sat Nov 15 16:46:54 EST 2008


John R. Frank wrote:
>>> In the case of going with the OSGeo Project Sponsorship program, the 
>>> OSGeo acts as our fiscal agent.  As a 501(c)(3) (US tax code) 
>>> organization, they can accept tax deductible contributions toward OSGeo 
>>> projects.
>> Their application is still pending acceptance.  So, it could be a few 
>> months before they start giving out receipts for tax purposes.
> The tax exempt status of the donation channel is probably crucial --- at 
> least for US-based donors.  Other solutions can't really compete with 
> OSGEO without that also having tax exempt status.  501c3 applications are 
> not complicated but they take calendar time.
> OTOH, until OSGEO gets approved to process donations to projects, they are 
> an expensive savings account :-)

Well, its not really as simple as opening a savings account and having 
Mr. Corporate Donor make a deposit.

John, can you describe what entity would receive the the "donations" and 
how these would be treated for tax purposes?


> If a donor shows up *before* OSGEO can make the donor's donation tax 
> exempt, we might as well just open a bank account at regular bank.
> If we want to vote on something now, I think the somethingS are:
> 1)  PSC agrees that OL should find a tax exempt donation channel
> 2)  PSC hopes that OSGEO will soon be that channel
> 3)  PSC agrees to seek donations while #2 sorts itself out
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