[OpenLayers-Dev] OSGeo Project Sponsorship

John R. Frank john.frank at metacarta.com
Sun Nov 16 13:23:02 EST 2008

>> OTOH, until OSGEO gets approved to process donations to projects, they 
>> are an expensive savings account :-)
> Well, its not really as simple as opening a savings account and having 
> Mr. Corporate Donor make a deposit.

First, for the record, it is possible to open a bank account in the name 
of an organization like OpenLayers with specific individuals named as 
custodians of the account.  Donors can then make their checks out to 
OpenLayers and they just go straight into the account.  While this 
practice is common place, it does not confer tax exempt status --- the 
organization must pursue that separately.

Using OSGEO's hopefully-soon-to-be tax exempt status is much easier and 
clearly well received.  I'm happy to be +0 on using that channel to help 
the broader community.


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