[OpenLayers-Dev] [OpenLayers-Users] Error when using XMLHTTPRequest (throughrefreshing a wfs layer every n seconds)

Roald de Wit roald.dewit at lisasoft.com
Tue Apr 28 21:25:57 EDT 2009

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> Kris,
> Thanks for the work on this. Two things:
>  * Since the XMLHttpRequest code is, as I understand it, primarily taken
>    from the XMLHttpRequest project (that you linked); are the changes
>    that you put in that file already included in1.0.3 of XMLHttpRequest?
>    (Unfortunately, the license for that library changed, so now I have
>    to go read the LGPL and figure out if we can just pull the latest
>    version from them.)
The license for XMLHttpRequest.js is LGPLv3 and therefore most probably
too restrictive (IANAL). The schema on the following page [1] says: you
can use BSD-new with LGPLv3 but then your project falls under the latter

Maybe it's an idea to contact the author of XMLHttpRequest.js and ask
him to release under a more permissive license (as well)? He might not
realise the problems his new license is causing us (and probably more



[1] http://www.dwheeler.com/essays/floss-license-slide.html

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