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Alan Page alan at objectivepathology.com
Sun Aug 9 12:20:56 EDT 2009

I've been working with the sample Zoomify.js from
http://trac.openlayers.org/attachment/ticket/1285/zoomify.patch and
modifying it to support my company's server product.
The sample code only supported 256 x 256 pixel tiles, but Zoomify supports
other tile sizes. In particular, the files we work with (Aperio SVS Digital
Pathology slides) come with standard tile sizes of 240x240, 256x256, 480x480
and 512x512. Our server generates virtual Zoomify tiles from the original
tiled, pyramidal TIFF files and transcodes from JPEG 2000 as required.
Modified code which supports other tile sizes is at
http://images.objectivepathology.com/lib/OpenLayers/Layer/Zoomify.js. This
code includes some additions only supported by our server and not available
under Zoomify. The non-standard additions are noted in the comments.
If and when you incorporate Zoomify.js into the main build I encourage you
to support all reasonably available tile sizes.
Sample image using 240x240 pixel tiles is at
lpe-1 Original file is 65,966 x 44,501 pixels.
Sample image using 480x480 pixel tiles is at
%205x7%20-%2020x Original is 279,474x219,474 pixels (BigTIFF format).
You will notice that the overview doesn't zoom in as you zoom into the
image. This is by design as we prefer to have the full image overview at all
The horizontal control bar is based on the original PanZoom code.
Alan Page
Objective Pathology Services
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