[OpenLayers-Dev] IE cluster/protocol error - 'status' is null or not an object

Ivan Grcic igrcic at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 08:01:34 EST 2009

>> It would be good to confirm once again that the problem still exists
>> (funny that Ivan can't reproduce it).
> I can reproduce it on different (virtual) machines with IE6 as well as
> IE7 in default configuration. Maybe Ivan has changed IE's cache
> settings?
Hmm I dont remember playing with any IE settings...so I really dont
know what happened, why is it working now...

I tried with my local OL2.7 that hasnt been modified at all, as well
as example http://openlayers.org/dev/examples/strategy-cluster.html
Also I tried the example on other machine , running on IE6 and its
working...maybe its something with IE debugger..ah i dont know and i
dont want to waste my time on IE ...


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