[OpenLayers-Dev] Feature disappears when zoom in to the last level on IE

Albert Rovira arovira at ngeografics.com
Mon Jan 26 07:49:41 EST 2009


I have a line feature that disappears when I zoom-in to the last level 
of the map. It only happen on IE browsers on FF works well.

I build a test with 

I modify the relative URL to absolute and added a PanZoomBar control.
Then I added a feature with WKT:

LINESTRING(2.8232342584766705 41.982597569578594, 2.820341683261403 
41.98207671395145, 2.816577742220418 41.98299154728675, 
2.8127958348737487 41.982363852836976, 2.810765642331356 
41.9826643456329, 2.8038665809483576 41.98210342460008, 
2.8006685785364467 41.98142897729179, 2.7957817433901564 
41.985629131861195, 2.7931406964544774 41.98695122174946, 
2.794021045433037 41.988199836989594, 2.7926017072839304


Line definition is bigger. I can post it if you need.

I zoom-in over the feature and when I'm at level zero it disappears.
Is it a known limitation on IIS ? Is it a bug ? Anyone can help me ?


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