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Chris Claydon chris.claydon at autodesk.com
Thu Jan 29 18:00:15 EST 2009


I work on the MapGuide Open Source project, which makes use of OpenLayers via the Fusion open source viewer. We'd like to add support for Spanish, Hungarian, and possibly Japanese localized strings to OpenLayers, and we have a couple of questions...

The format of the various JavaScript files in the Lang folder is not 100% consistent. For example:

1)      The cs-CZ.js file uses OpenLayers.Lang["cs-CZ"] to declare the array of strings whereas fr.js uses OpenLayers.Lang.fr

2)      Some languages use a two character locale designation (fr, de etc.) and some use four characters (cs-CZ, sv-SE etc.)

3)      Some files seem to base the settings on the 'en' version of the strings. Eg. de.js (uses OpenLayers.Util.applyDefaults) Others just declare the array independently. Eg. fr.js

So, when creating new language resources, which is the best model to follow? Is there any documentation on this, or any general guidelines?

Any information would be much appreciated! We will happily contribute these files to the OpenLayers project when they are completed.


Chris C.
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