[OpenLayers-Dev] Additional Lang Files

Oscar Fonts oscar.fonts.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 03:43:05 EST 2009

Please, take also character-encoding into account.

Translation files don't state explicitly which encoding are
using and there's no consensus about this either.

For the spanish translation we used UTF-8, following the
french example. I would take UTF-8 as the 'official' encoding
for all translations. It supports any language set (afaik)
and simplifies things for multilingual interfaces.

What I would recommend is:
>  * Creating a two-char lang file for the 'base' of the language
>  * If there is a different interpretation of the language for a
>   sub-language -- for example, en-GB spells 'colour' differently --
>   extend from the default/'base' of that language.


We have many locales for spanish (Argentina, Chile, Colombia,...).
Translate only differences and default to base is less redundant & more


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