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Thu Jul 23 14:18:04 EDT 2009

Hello Developers

One thing that really annoyed me when using openstreetmap (which uses
openlayers of course) is the lack of a crosshair in the center of the map
so one can zoom in at exactly the desired point. So well I created a
crosshair control. It's pretty straight forward development, quite
minimalistic and about nothing to maintain. Just the css voodoo was a
little frustrating as I've not much to do with web design ;)

But well after some tweaking it works well in about all major browsers.
Opera 9.27 and 9.64, Iceweasel 3.0.something, epiphany-webkit 2.27.2 (so I
suppose Safari should be ok too) on debian. And Opera 9.64, firefox 3.0.11
and 3.5.1, Chrome (Chromium) / and even IE 6 and 7 on
windoze it works exactly as it should be.


p.s. The exact same mail seems to be stuck in some moderation queue since  
I sent it already before subscribing. So yeah it's kind of a dupe.
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