[OpenLayers-Dev] Bug in the 2.8 RC6? (ticket #1797)

Vivien Deparday vivien.deparday at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 00:04:43 EDT 2009

sorry to talk about this ticket yet again but I still have an issue. 
This issue can be reproduced with the example attached to the ticket 
#1797 with Firefox 3. When clicking the button resize of the example 
(which changes the div size and execute map.updateSize), it now works. 
However, if you resize manually the Firefox window (by manually I mean 
with the handle at the bottom right-hand corner or with the 
resize/maximize button beside the close button or when you use the full 
screen mode by pressing F11) and then switch the layer, all the tiles 
don't get refreshed. You have to resize the window again and then it 
works. You can also reproduce this with the example I attached to the 
ticket #2055. In this case, the vector layer is also misaligned.
Besides, I think related to this bug, I have an application working with 
ExtJS/MapFish (sorry I didn't have time to minimize it) where I use a 
vector layer. If I switch the layer right after the first load (without 
manual resize), all the tiles get refreshed but the vector layer gets 
misaligned until I resize the window again.
Let me know if you can reproduce this issue with the two examples and if 
you would need me to minimize my application to help solving this issue.
Hopefully, it's not worth delaying the release of the 2.8.



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