[OpenLayers-Dev] point in polygon with KML

Ian Downey Ian.Downey at Critchlow.co.nz
Fri May 1 20:32:28 EDT 2009

Hi all,


First post to this mailing list so apologies if I am way off with


I am trying to implement a point in polygon type function in OpenLayers.


My base map is Google, I am then overlaying KML data (polygons).  I am
then Geocoding points on the map, I want to be able to click on a point
on the map and find out what KML polygons I am in.


>From what I have looked at so far, I  think I am going to have to read
the KML file into features and then do an intersects on them? I think
this could become very slow.


Does anyone have any suggestions or examples of how best to do this?


Thanks for you help in advance,



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