[OpenLayers-Dev] RC5 prop

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Fri May 29 06:56:34 EDT 2009

So, Pierre and Andreas worked out:


To likely be a Google API change.  As I understand it, this:

    * CHanged something that worked when we fixed it, to something that
    * Was a change due to a GMaps API change
    * Was something that we put a lot of effort into fixing
    * Affects MapFish/GeoExt (and probably other JS Frameworks with
    * flexible map sizes) 

As a result, I think it's worth including in 2.8: It was worth it the
first time, it's still worth it this time (even though we aren't
responsible for the regression, we've still got to deal with it.)

IF this ticket doesn't affect people (I think it does -- i just emailed
the geoext list about it, and pierre bumped into it, after all) then we
can bump it, but otherwise, it's worth another RC.

So, if anyone else agrees with me -- and I'd especially like to hear
from GeoExt or MapFish people who can confirm that this is actually an
issue, and is now fixed -- then I say I roll an RC5 this afternoon.

Best REgards,
Christopher Schmidt

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