[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers and the OGC?

Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) bartvde at osgis.nl
Thu Nov 5 13:22:35 EST 2009

Thanks for the feedback.

I just checked the next testbed, but it does not seem interesting from 
an OpenLayers point of view.

Best regards,

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> I used Openlayers (and Mapbuilder) code for OGC testbeds before working 
> at LISAsoft.
> In particular, I developed a GML rendering client which part funded the 
> development of vector rendering in both applications, and was a major 
> step between the migration of some of the Mapbuilder functionality to 
> OpenLayers. (Of note, I shared the vector rendering development with 
> others, notably Camp2Camp who were also working on the functionality 
> too, and the vector rendering was moved from a branch back into trunk by 
> others after the testbed).
> Re OGC:
> To date, I'm unaware of an OGC reference implementation for a client. 
> The OGC focuses its testing mainly on services (which are much easier to 
> write tests for).
> I also think that a browser based client is not appropriate for a 
> reference implementation because the platform the browser runs on is so 
> dynamic. (How many different browser/operating system combinations are 
> there?)
> A desktop client would be more appropriate for a reference implementation.
> However, there is a need for clients for OGC services, and the OGC does 
> part fund the development of these during testbeds, as we at LISAsoft 
> can attest to. So yes, go ahead and propose OpenLayers as part of a 
> solution for the next testbed.
> Roald de Wit wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Christopher Schmidt wrote:
>>> OpenLayers has been a key part of several testbed efforts, but all made
>>> by individual companies. (I'm pretty sure that LISAsoft used OL for testbed
>>> work at least once, possibly twice.) 
>> That's correct. LISAsoft contributed KML styling support to OL for an 
>> OGC testbed (OWS 5.1) for example. And as part of the CGDI Pilot [1] we 
>> implemented (and contributed back) GeoRSS support in OpenLayers.
>>> I personally have no particular desire to get more deeply involved with OGC,
>>> but have no problem with others pushing in that direction.
>> It requires a fair bit of effort (and money) to participate in these 
>> testbeds and will not be easy for the community as such to do. As an 
>> organisation that wants to participate, it pays to keep an eye on what 
>> testbeds become available and put in your bid to do your bit!
>> Only a week ago OGC announced their CFP for OWS-7 [2] (closing date: 1 
>> December 2009).
>> [1] http://www.opengeospatial.org/pub/www/cgdi/index.html
>> [2] http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/requests/60
>> Regards, Roald
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