[OpenLayers-Dev] OL not suitable for raster layers?

bartvde at osgis.nl bartvde at osgis.nl
Thu Apr 15 04:22:50 EDT 2010

Hi Stefanie,

I am trying your test page from March, but I can't really see what's
wrong, probably because I don't know your dataset well.

A few questions:
1) have you compared the URLs from gvSIG with OpenLayers singleTile requests?
2) which WMS product are you using?

Can you provide me with 2 urls, one from gvSIG which is correct, and one
generated by OpenLayers (singleTile) which is supposed to be wrong.


Best regards,

> Hi all,
> This might be the wrong moment and everybody seems to be busy with the
> new release candidate. But we need to come to a conclusion whether OL
> suits our needs or not

> I posted several messages (on 26.3. and 8.4.) reporting a layer
> displacement which seem to effect raster layers only. The pixel size of
> our raster maps is big and the displacement is obvious.
> Tests with another client software show that the maps are correctly
> displayed, so this must be a matter of OL.
> GetFeatureInfo is not effected (values of the expected pixel are
> returned although the visible pixel is not the right one).
> Configuring the layer as tiled or untiled (singleTile false or true)
> does have an effect: none of them is in the right place but both results
> show different displacements.
> More information and test code in my message posted on 26.3.
> Regards and thanks for your opinions,
> Stefanie
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