[OpenLayers-Dev] OL not suitable for raster layers?

Stefanie Weykam stefanie at weykam.net
Thu Apr 15 04:08:29 EDT 2010

Hi all,
This might be the wrong moment and everybody seems to be busy with the 
new release candidate. But we need to come to a conclusion whether OL 
suits our needs or not…

I posted several messages (on 26.3. and 8.4.) reporting a layer 
displacement which seem to effect raster layers only. The pixel size of 
our raster maps is big and the displacement is obvious.
Tests with another client software show that the maps are correctly 
displayed, so this must be a matter of OL.
GetFeatureInfo is not effected (values of the expected pixel are 
returned although the visible pixel is not the right one).
Configuring the layer as tiled or untiled (singleTile false or true) 
does have an effect: none of them is in the right place but both results 
show different displacements.

More information and test code in my message posted on 26.3.

Regards and thanks for your opinions,

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