[OpenLayers-Dev] Greying out of navigation history controls

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Fri Apr 23 01:12:36 EDT 2010

stegch at web.de wrote:
> Hi list, I have a question regarding the previous and next controls
> of the navigation history, which I use in a panel besides some other
> buttons.
> If I select another button (i.e. 'Pan' or 'GetFeatureInfo') the panel
> greys out all other icons - including 'nextExtent' and
> 'previousExtent' (although both can still be used).
> Would it make sense not to grey out navigation history controls by
> the panel (panel.js, line 163) or is this behaviour even desired?

I think it would make more sense for line 162 to read as follows:

     if (this.controls[i].type === OpenLayers.Control.TYPE_TOOL) {

Then controls like DragFeature, DragPan, DrawFeature, Measure, 
ModifyFeature, SelectFeature (w/ box true only), and ZoomBox should be 
given type: OpenLayers.Control.TYPE_TOOL - controls that compete for drag.

A simpler change would be to have the panel only deactivate other 
controls if type was not TYPE_TOGGLE or TYPE_BUTTON.  Then the obligate 
controls in the NavigationHistory control could become TYPE_BUTTON.

There's room for interpretation there.


> Thanks for your help Christian 
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