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Tonton to.tonton at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 05:07:01 EST 2010

i 'am trying to use OpenLayers with WFS layer.

if i understand the exemple on dev.OpenLayers  there is two way for
displaying a wfs layer :

var wfs = new OpenLayers.Layer.WFS("LayerName",
        {typename: "WFSname"},
        {extractAttributes: true}


var wfgnosis = new OpenLayers.Layer.WFS("LayerName",
        {typename: "WFSname"},
        {extractAttributes: true}

But Only the first, works on my own .... :(
in firebug i saw error on the request about no element found like if the
request send nothing ...
i wonder if it is not a time out for request or a delay answer  because
if i copy and paste the request in a browser i receive the features i
for the layer who work i receive data in 6.3 s ( 200 OK 6.39s)
for the other one  the game is playing in 33.ms (200 ok redX 331ms)

may be it's come from the firefox browser so in opera and ie the same result
but hang in more

in firefox linux
Erreur d'analyse de la valeur pour « filter ».  Déclaration abandonnée.
(sory it is copy paste in french google: Error analysis of the value for
"filter". Declaration dropped. )
Line 247

maybe it receive xmldom is null after that  line 775

so if i have one it is better that none but the exemple for filter encoding
use the Vector layer declaration instead of Layer.WFS

is there a developpement way or my wrong usage ?

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