[OpenLayers-Dev] popups lose focus

acousmetre acousmetre at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 06:22:40 EST 2010

Dear dev list,

I sent the message below (and another similar) to the openlayers users
list but haven't received a response. Hope someone here can suggest
something. To add one thing to the message below, firebug shows a
"layer is null" error when popups are orphaned. I've googled for this
problem and while i've found similar issues, haven't seen a solution
or a good workaround. Here's the message - cheers, Iain :

Hi list,

I have an openlayers page about 99% done. Have one enduring problem
which I wrote to the list about some time ago, but it didn't get

The popups read content dynamically into an iframe. Popups with a large
amounts of content sometimes lose focus and can't be closed using the
close button on the popup. This problem has been alleviated by a resize
operation that ensures that each popup is smaller in height than the
viewport, but the loss of focus still happens. As a workaround I added a
click-handler that destroys any orphaned popups when the map (and not
the popup) is clicked (and not dragged). This works but is not exactly

Is there anything i can do so that the popups never lose focus? There
will only ever be one popup open at any one time.

My page is here: http://rabeca.org/index.htm

The problem occurs more frequently with the three most southerly
markers, which have bulkier content.

Hope someone can help.



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