[OpenLayers-Dev] IOL (openlayers mobile)

Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Fri Jan 22 12:25:52 EST 2010

Bruno Binet wrote:
> Hi list and OpenGeo guys,
> I recently worked on a mobile web gis application using OpenLayers,
> and I came across the IOL library.
> See: http://projects.opengeo.org/mobile
> Thanks to Whit from OpenGeo for the good work!
> I made some enhancements to IOL on my own, and I was wondering if IOL
> was envisioned to be part of OpenLayers in the future, when more
> mature.
> If that is your willing, then I think it could be great to create an
> IOL sandbox in OpenLayers, so that we can contribute patches, and
> improve it easily.
> What do think?

It would be great to have OpenLayers work transparently in multiple 
environments.  I think it might make sense to revisit the browser event 
handling stuff at a lower level rather than trying to push IOL (as it is 
currently designed) in over top.

Whit is no longer at OpenGeo, but we're certainly interested in working 
on OL improvements for mobile clients.


> One more thing, the articles written about IOL are not longer
> available. You can still find them in google cache:
> Cheers,

Tim Schaub
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