[OpenLayers-Dev] Get individual pixel values of wms-grid raster layers?

Mårten Karlberg mortkarlberg at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 05:45:12 EST 2010


Is it possible to access pixel values of wms-grid raster layers in
OpenLayers? What I want to do is to extract pixel values from a raster layer
where it intersect with a vector overlay.
I've tried figuring out the grid tile raster structure through the DOM tree,
but just don't get it.
Is this possible? If I understand HTML5 right something like this could be
achieved through the Canvas element (see e.g. http://www.pixastic.com/lib/),
but can it be done now, in present versions of OpenLayers?

(Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but the mailing list search
engine only return error 500).

Thanks in advance!

/Mort Karlberg, Sweden
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