[OpenLayers-Dev] tiling behaviour

toni hernández tonidelacalle at gmail.com
Sat May 8 07:56:11 EDT 2010

max number of tiles

Hi list,

I am using a wms layer on a map. Every time I reload the map, I get a quite
incomplete map. That's  because  the wms server doesn't render more than 4
or 5 tiles. In fact it renders all the tiles but some of them are just pink
images. As it renders every tile I can not detect any error but still my map
is incomple.

First I tried the singleTile property (with ratio:1) but again if the tile
is too big I get the pinky image.

Then I tried bigger tiles combined with buffer:0 property (so no unnecessary
tiles are asked).
I was expecting this to be the best option but then I realized that
openlayers defines (at least by default) more tiles than strictly necessary.
Some of the tiles are mostly out of the map.

Is there a way to prevent this tiling behavior?

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