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Tim Schaub tschaub at opengeo.org
Tue Apr 19 12:36:34 EDT 2011

On 4/18/11 2:51 PM, christopher.schmidt at nokia.com wrote:
> On Apr 18, 2011, at 3:44 PM, ext Tim Schaub wrote:
>> On 4/18/11 11:47 AM, christopher.schmidt at nokia.com wrote:
>>> On Apr 18, 2011, at 12:21 PM, ext Tim Schaub wrote:
>>>> I'm interested in spreading around the knowledge about how to update our website.  I've started a very rough document describing how things are hosted here: http://trac.osgeo.org/openlayers/wiki/Infrastructure
>>>> I'm currently very interested in seeing this page updated:
>>>> http://openlayers.org/sponsorship/
>>>> This page has Chris' email and phone number on it as contact details. I'm concerned about folks having trouble getting in touch with us due to outdated information (and I think a list accessible by more than one person is more appropriate than a single email address/phone number). I've had several (three) folks get in touch to say that they have tried to inquire about sponsorship and have not heard anything back.
>>>> I know none of us have real time to dedicate to this stuff.  All the more reason to document how things are done so more people can help.
>>>> If anybody can take time to figure out how to update the website, please document your findings on the page above.
>>> Tim,
>>> I pointed you to:
>>> http://svn.openlayers.org/project/sponsorship/update_website.sh
>> Right, I know what is in SVN.  The missing instructions are what to do on the openlayers.org server.
> Okay. The missing instructions are "Nothing". Running that script in
> your local checkout of the sponsorship directory updates the website
> in the normal cronjob.

If there is anybody else who can see what I'm missing, please chime in. 
  I don't get the paragraph above.

 From IRC, here is what I have done:

10:25	tschaub	hey crschmidt - do you have a few minutes to talk about 
this sponsorship dir?
10:26	tschaub	I'm thoroughly confused
10:26	tschaub 
10:27	tschaub	I've got sponsorship checked out at 11893
10:27	tschaub	running update_website.sh checks out 
project/website/sponsorship in my working copy of project/sponsorship
10:28	tschaub	then it runs update_html.py which modifies 
10:28	tschaub	then it tries to commit sponsorship
10:28	tschaub	which doesn't do anything
10:28	tschaub	since sponsorship isn't modified
10:29	tschaub	and of course, the website remains unchanged 
10:32	tschaub	tschaub at projects:~$ sudo crontab -u openlayers -l
10:32	tschaub	# m h  dom mon dow   command
* * * * *  /osgeo/openlayers/docs/dev/tools/update_dev_dir.sh
10:33	tschaub	crschmidt: in "updates the website in the normal cronjob" 
is "normal cronjob" supposed to be listed above?

Thanks (anyone) for either pointing out what I am missing, or updating 
the sponsorship page and then documenting what you did.

7 months out of date http://openlayers.org/sponsorship/
place for notes about how to update 

>>> on Friday; running that script:
>>>   1. Checks out the website/sponsorship directory
>>>   2. Generates a new index.html in website/sponsorship/
>>>   3. Runs svn ci (prompting you to enter a commit message).
>>> Since the website is autoupdated from the website/ directory, this
>>> will update the contents of the website.
>>> Is this the information you want to see added to the wikipage above?
>> Yes, instructions on that wiki page would be preferable to email.
> I don't have instructions; this is obviously not an ideal way to maintain it,
> so rather than writing bad instructions, presumably we should fix it.
> Rather than have this mess, we can just treat index.html as the source and
> throw away the ReST that it came from; I'll remove the README and the
> project/sponsorship directory from SVN, and then it will behave like the rest
> of the website.
> Sorry for the confusion.
> -- Chris

Tim Schaub
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