[OpenLayers-Dev] Re: [OpenLayers] #2964: Error in Layer.Zoomify when width or height is evenly divisible by 256

alan at objectivepathology.com alan at objectivepathology.com
Sat Apr 30 19:47:24 EDT 2011

I was the submitter of the original bug. Fix works for me. I
tried zoomifying an image 16384 x 31 pixels using the
current free Zoomifyer 3.0 from zoomify.com. Note:
coordinates for zoomify tiles are z-x-y.
The result was that all the 2-n-0 tiles were 1 pixel high as
expected. All levels above that would be 0 pixels high
theoretically. However the 1-0-0 tile was 256 x 256, 0-1-0
was 256 x 256. Tiles 0-0-0 and 1-1-0 were completely
I cannot believe that such an inconsistent result is by

This unfortunate result is at 

In my work with pathology slides I never have a situation
like this. My only issue is the occasional scan where an
edge is exactly 256 pixels wide or high which causes a real

In conclusion, I'm happy with whatever method people choose
to handle Zoomify tiles where one dimension is zero.

Alan Page

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Subject: Re: [OpenLayers] #2964: Error in Layer.Zoomify when
width or height is evenly divisible by 256
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>#2964: Error in Layer.Zoomify when width or height is
>evenly divisible by 256
> Reporter:  alpage   |       Owner:  euzuro      
>     Type:  bug      |      Status:  new         
> Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  2.11 Release
>Component:  Layer    |     Version:  2.10        
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>----------------- Changes (by rboulton):
> * cc: rboulton (added)
> I've just come across this bug myself, too.  Attached is a
>patch I came up
> with (before seeing this ticket) to fix it.  It takes a
>slightly different
> approach to the above - rather than checking for a zero
>value, it
> subtracts 1 before the % operation, then adds it again;
>this is almost
> equivalent, but if the actual tierImageSize value was 0 it
>would leave it
> at zero.
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