[OpenLayers-Dev] Debugging OpenLayers: a script not minified?

Andrés Maneiro amaneiro at icarto.es
Mon Feb 7 11:41:43 EST 2011

On 07/02/11 17:30, Xurxo Mendez wrote:
> or the tarball, but your html code should link to
> $OL_HOME/lib/OpenLayers.js, rather than $OL_HOME/OpenLayers.js. This
> file is a kind of loader script that loads (take a look at that file)
> the others. You might want to see how downloaded examples (at
> $OL_HOME/examples) include the script.

That was definitively helpful!

So, just one more question now: is it recommended for production 
environments to link $OL_HOME/OpenLayers.js instead of 

By the way, thanks for your quick and very good feedback.


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