[OpenLayers-Dev] Debugging OpenLayers: a script not minified?

Xurxo Mendez sonxurxo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 11:30:01 EST 2011

Hi Andrés,

You can download the trunk version

$ svn co http://svn.openlayers.org/trunk/openlayers/

or the tarball, but your html code should link to
$OL_HOME/lib/OpenLayers.js, rather than $OL_HOME/OpenLayers.js. This file is
a kind of loader script that loads (take a look at that file) the others.
You might want to see how downloaded examples (at $OL_HOME/examples) include
the script.

Hope this can help Andrés :)

Best regards,

Xurxo Méndez Pérez


2011/2/7 Andrés Maneiro <amaneiro at icarto.es>

> Hello,
> I'm through the process of understanding how a WFS request is formed. I
> think I have a bug on my code and it will be useful to debug the process all
> along. So, I need to go through OL code step by step and understand what it
> does.
> For that, I'm using the utilities chrome browser provides. But, the
> OpenLayers script is minified [1], so it's a mess to debug and understand.
> I've tried the OL code from svn and also the tarball of the stable release.
> Both seem to be minified.
> So, my question is: is there a version of OL not minified "for debugging"?
> How do you debug step-by-step OL code?
> best,
> amaneiro
> [1] http://www.crockford.com/javascript/jsmin.html
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