[OpenLayers-Dev] cluster strategy deactivation question

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Feb 17 08:21:11 EST 2011

Hi devs,

in helping Mihai on the users list, we discovered that deactivating the cluster strategy does not restore the original features - rather it just stops further clustering.  Additionally, there does not seem to be anything in the code to decluster features once they are clustered by the strategy.  I'd like to file a ticket and a patch for this but I am not sure what the correct behaviour *should* be.  The code I gave Mihai to solve his problem replaced the deactivate function with one that also declusters the clustered features.  Does anyone have an opinion on this approach?  I'm wondering if this should be a separate method on the cluster strategy to be called manually, or perhaps there should be an option to declusterOnDeactivate?

Point me in the right direction and I will take care of the ticket, patch and tests ...




   Paul Spencer
   Chief Technology Officer
   DM Solutions Group Inc

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