[OpenLayers-Dev] reset feature of OpenLayers.Control.TransformFeature

Andreas Hocevar ahocevar at opengeo.org
Tue May 3 02:59:16 EDT 2011


currently this is not implemented. A workaround would be to deactivate
the control, set feature to null, and reactivate it.

If you are willing to implement this, a feature request ticket with a
patch would be welcome of course. I'd be happy to review.


On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 7:04 PM,  <lissabon at online.de> wrote:
> Is there a possibility to reset a feature of a OpenLayers.Control.TransformFeature, like when activating this control the first time (feature is null and naturally no box is drawn)?
> If I call setFeature(null) on this control (because I would like the control to loose any information about the just transformed feature) an error says "this.feature" (in setFeature method) is null!
> Is there a way how I could force the behaviour of the control on each activation to have the necessity of a feature to be set by a user first?
> (e.g. some workflow doing a unsetFeature(..) action)
> Thanks
> João
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