[OpenLayers-Dev] Re: OpenLayers & Sencha Touch Ext.Panel

lapinos03 lapinos03 at free.fr
Mon May 9 10:03:10 EDT 2011

Hi there !

This is not a Sencha conflict because I experience the same problem with my
website (desktop version) shown on the iPad 1 and I don't use Sencha at all
(only jquery). At very rare occasion, I had this phenomenum on Firefox 3.6
as well and on somebody else's website. We both used OL 2.10. I'm glad that
it happens with the official Sencha example because I thought first I may
have done some wrong programming with OL. 

I have already spent a lot of time trying to fix this. Unsuccessfully so
far. For me it's a critical bug. I'd like to develop a webapp instead of a
native app, using OL and reuse almost all what i've done for the desktop
version. Also I'd like to use the Sencha framework.

This bug is reproductible on the iOS Simulator (choose iOS 3.2 in the
settings of Dashcode to simulate the iPad).

What happens exactly? 
First click on the layer button, bottom right of the screen (or the Search
box, bottom-left button). A panel pops up, with a black translucent
background. At that time, you can notice that the map is redrawing. After
that (and only after that), during a dragging process, every time a new tile
is loaded and displayed, the map seems to jump back for a quick time to the
starting point of the dragging. I have also noticed that sometimes, tiles on
the right border are stretched as if the first column of pixels is repeated
along the horizontal axis. Moreover, since version 2.11 (from the trunk),
the map shakes around the current position while being dragged. Also noticed
on iOS Simulator (choose iOS 4.3 in Dashcode - simulates iPhone 4), the map
flickers after all tiles seem to be loaded (not always, rather after a

I ported the mobile-sencha.html example to Dashcode in order debug step by
step in the iOS environment. I put a lot of breakpoints in Layer.js,
Grid.js, Image.js, etc… So far, nothing found. When you put a transparent
<div> on top of the map, does the map receive an event? Which one? Which

Digging into OL and trying to understand how the whole stuff works is quite
difficult to me. So if somebody is willing to help and guide me through the
debugging process, I am ready to spend more time.

Kind Regards,

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