[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers & Sencha Touch Ext.Panel

Eric Lemoine eric.lemoine at camptocamp.com
Mon May 9 12:09:22 EDT 2011

On Monday, May 9, 2011, lapinos03 <lapinos03 at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi there !
> This is not a Sencha conflict because I experience the same problem with my
> website (desktop version) shown on the iPad 1 and I don't use Sencha at all
> (only jquery). At very rare occasion, I had this phenomenum on Firefox 3.6
> as well and on somebody else's website. We both used OL 2.10. I'm glad that
> it happens with the official Sencha example because I thought first I may
> have done some wrong programming with OL.
> I have already spent a lot of time trying to fix this. Unsuccessfully so
> far. For me it's a critical bug. I'd like to develop a webapp instead of a
> native app, using OL and reuse almost all what i've done for the desktop
> version. Also I'd like to use the Sencha framework.
> This bug is reproductible on the iOS Simulator (choose iOS 3.2 in the
> settings of Dashcode to simulate the iPad).
> What happens exactly?
> First click on the layer button, bottom right of the screen (or the Search
> box, bottom-left button). A panel pops up, with a black translucent
> background. At that time, you can notice that the map is redrawing. After
> that (and only after that), during a dragging process, every time a new tile
> is loaded and displayed, the map seems to jump back for a quick time to the
> starting point of the dragging. I have also noticed that sometimes, tiles on
> the right border are stretched as if the first column of pixels is repeated
> along the horizontal axis. Moreover, since version 2.11 (from the trunk),
> the map shakes around the current position while being dragged. Also noticed
> on iOS Simulator (choose iOS 4.3 in Dashcode - simulates iPhone 4), the map
> flickers after all tiles seem to be loaded (not always, rather after a
> zoom-in).
> I ported the mobile-sencha.html example to Dashcode in order debug step by
> step in the iOS environment. I put a lot of breakpoints in Layer.js,
> Grid.js, Image.js, etc… So far, nothing found. When you put a transparent
> <div> on top of the map, does the map receive an event? Which one? Which
> handler?
> Digging into OL and trying to understand how the whole stuff works is quite
> difficult to me. So if somebody is willing to help and guide me through the
> debugging process, I am ready to spend more time.

Creating a minimal example without Sencha Touch involved would help a lot.

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