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I hope it is okay to post a contract opening here!

*Open Maps Developer
Implement Open Maps in a Web App
TYPE: Independent Contract
DURATION: 4-8 hours, depending on your estimate
STARTS: ~Jan 16, 2012
LOCATION: Off site, but Lexington, KY or Orlando, FL are a plus

In our web app currently under development, we are required to display Open
Maps of specific locations.  We need a subset of the Open Map functionality
wrapped in a javascript control.

This contract is to provide said control, sample pages and a clear API to:

   - Display map at a specified lat/long
   - Display icons within said map at a specified lat/long
   - Dynamically update said icons
   - Ability to drag new icons onto map and return there lat/long

Communication Skills
As this is a remote position, excellent communication skills are important.
 Since the task is relatively straight forward, we have some leeway in this
area if you have written English skills. *
*To apply, please respond with a resume if it is handy, sample work (links
and./or screen shots), location, availability and hourly rate.*

Brett Nieland

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