[OpenLayers-Dev] Best method for using GWT with OpenLayers

Tim-Hinnerk Heuer th.heuer at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 22:12:08 PDT 2012

Hi team,

Our applications are getting reasonably big with OpenLayers and I am
considering using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) for the front end bit, because
I'm both familiar with Javascript and Java. GWT seems to have some very
attractive features like JSNI etc. What do you recommend using for GWT with
OpenLayers assuming a developer is familiar with both Javascript and Java
and wanting to use the latest version of OpenLayers? Have you tried a
particular library/way/JSNI? I'm completely new to GWT but was impressed
how easy it was to get something basic working.


Tim-Hinnerk Heuer

Twitter: @geekdenz
Blog: http://www.thheuer.com
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