[OpenLayers-Dev] Pretty Popups

Rodney Lorrimar dev at rodney.id.au
Mon Jun 11 08:02:09 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I was looking at Cloudmade's Leaflet library and really liked its
rather attractive popups.

Since my project is using OpenLayers I have attempted to port them

Here is an example:


Currently autoSize, closeBox and sideways pointing {orientation: "v"}
popups don't work.

There are 2 new classes for this popup: OpenLayers.Popup.SideAnchored
and OpenLayers.Popup.TipFrame. SideAnchored is like Anchored except it's
anchored at the middle of the side of the popup instead of at the
corner. TipFrame extends SideAnchored and adds extra divs for the
triangular arrow.

It's not fully functional yet but more or less good enough for my own
use. Any comments or suggestions?



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