[OpenLayers-Dev] I am working on an Openlayers adapter to the Cesium

Rodney Lorrimar dev at rodney.id.au
Mon Jun 11 10:24:18 PDT 2012

Hi Jonah,

On Wednesday, May 23 2012, Jonah Taylor wrote:
> Hello those at openlayers dev list.  I just wanted to point out my
> fork of openlayers and see if anyone was interested in helping out.  I
> have the basic editing tools example working using Cesium's 3D globe.
> Ttest it out here.

That looks fantastic. I am interested in using this for my project, and
helping to fix bugs if possible.

I had a quick look at the example source. Is the gh-pages or master
branch best to work with?

Would it possible for Globe to be a base layer instead of an
OpenLayers.Map? Then I could switch between normal tile layers and the
WOW 3D! layer. I suppose there may be a technical reason, e.g. using a
different renderer class or something.



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