[OpenLayers-Dev] I am working on an Openlayers adapter to the Cesium

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i also think this is very interesting. However, and without having a look to the code or how the integration is made, i don't think the Globe should be a base layer. Instaead i concept like 'model' would be better (in my opinion). A Map would then have a model (2D or 3D) and then base layers and overlays. This way viewing the globe onr could change base layer and overlays the same way now is made in 2D.

But again i haven't look in depth at it, so i migth be saying something wich makes no sense.

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>Asunto: Re: [OpenLayers-Dev] I am working on an Openlayers adapter to the Cesium
>Hi Jonah,
>On Wednesday, May 23 2012, Jonah Taylor wrote:
>> Hello those at openlayers dev list.  I just wanted to point out my
>> fork of openlayers and see if anyone was interested in helping out.  I
>> have the basic editing tools example working using Cesium's 3D globe.
>> Ttest it out here.
>That looks fantastic. I am interested in using this for my project, and
>helping to fix bugs if possible.
>I had a quick look at the example source. Is the gh-pages or master
>branch best to work with?
>Would it possible for Globe to be a base layer instead of an
>OpenLayers.Map? Then I could switch between normal tile layers and the
>WOW 3D! layer. I suppose there may be a technical reason, e.g. using a
>different renderer class or something.
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