[OpenLayers-Dev] I am working on an Openlayers adapter to the Cesium

Rodney Lorrimar dev at rodney.id.au
Tue Jun 12 02:02:54 PDT 2012

On Tuesday, June 12 2012, Javier Mr wrote:
> i also think this is very interesting. However, and without having a
> look to the code or how the integration is made, i don't think the
> Globe should be a base layer. Instaead i concept like 'model' would be
> better (in my opinion). A Map would then have a model (2D or 3D) and
> then base layers and overlays. This way viewing the globe onr could
> change base layer and overlays the same way now is made in 2D.
> But again i haven't look in depth at it, so i migth be saying
> something wich makes no sense.

Hi Javi,

Yes that does make more sense than base layers. So I guess what I want
is a way to easily switch it on and off.

For my hypothetical app, the user would mostly work in 2D layers and the
3D mode would be a gimmick so the user might more easily overlook other
deficiencies in the app. I wouldn't want webgl all the time because it
seems to run at 30fps and turns on my cooling fan.

I would have 3 base layers -- streets, aerial, bing aeriel. Then I would
put a hook in my LayerSwitcher so that when switching to the 3rd layer
it changes to the 3D 'model'.



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