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Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at opengeo.org
Wed Mar 14 04:20:13 EDT 2012


our API docs for Map state that projection is always a string, but it can also be a Projection object [1].

     * APIProperty: projection
     * {String} Set in the map options to override the default projection 
     *          string this map. When using a projection other than EPSG:4326
     *          (CRS:84, Geographic) or EPSG:3857 (EPSG:900913, Web Mercator),
     *          also set maxExtent and maxResolution.  Default is "EPSG:4326".
    projection: "EPSG:4326",

So there are several options to fix this:

A) make projection just a property, and not an API property, and have people use getProjection or getProjectionObject API methods instead
B) update the API docs for projection stating that it can be a string or an OpenLayers.Projection object.


        var projCode = this.projection instanceof OpenLayers.Projection ?
            this.projection.projCode : this.projection;

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